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Ideas for Profitability in Forestry

Innovation Since 1991

Pfanzelt Maschinenbau was founded in 1991 by owner and head engineer Paul Pfanzelt. It started its business with the production and assembly of hydraulic logging winches for three-point-hitch, receiver-hitch and permanent mounting on tractors. Ever since its founding, Pfanzelt Maschinenbau stands for innovation, profitability and safety in forestry work.


Idea Smith from the Allgäu

We see ourselves as an idea smith- the direct contact to our customers is very important to us. Many of our innovations were developed thanks to the ideas, needs and wishes of our customers- their input helps us to design the machines you really need. We want to create machines that present a practicable solution for your daily workload, that make your job easy, efficient and profitable.


Since we are located in the middle of an area rich in forest and mountains, we have our testing range right in front of our door step- that way you can be sure that all our machines have been tested extensively under real-life, difficult working conditions.

The Company Grows - From Winches to a Full-Line Producer

Since our winch- sales volume continued to grow, we expanded our product range in 1996 by adding a second product category: the logging trailer for professionals. After extensive expansion of our production halls and administrative buildings, we launched the forwarder “Felix” in 2001, followed by the launches of the PM loading cranes in 2002 and the forestry systemtractor “PM Trac” in 2005.
But also after 2005 Pfanzelt Maschinenbau continued to develop new innovations: the last one in 2010, with the S-Line product line for hydraulic geared winches and logging trailers.
Today, Pfanzelt Maschinenbau offers the widest product range for professional forestry labor “Made in Germany”.


Quality Made in Germany

Everything we produce is Made in Germany - in Rettenbach, Allgäu

Qualified employees and local partners are essential for our success- that’s why Pfanzelt Maschinenbau is proud to produce only in Germany. This way we are able to commit long-term to the jobs of currently more than 80 employees. Our focus lies in a fair and flexible job environment, respecting the individual private needs of all our employees.
To avoid unnecessary CO2-production and to keep short distances, we rely on the expertise of local partners.

High quality products due to high production depth

At Pfanzelt Maschinenbau, we believe in producing most of the parts we need ourselves, contrary to the “modern” production philosophy of buying everything from external suppliers.


Nevertheless, a part made by us may never be more expensive than a supplier part; by keeping the market price in mind, we avoid unnecessary costs for our customers. The extensive know-how in our company does not only allow us to design and produce parts ourselves; it helps us to react more flexibly to changes and customizations.


Apprentices and Continuous Training: Investment into Future Innovations

With currently 10 apprentices in metal processing and warehouse logistics as well as several student trainees, Pfanzelt Maschinenbau’s involvement in educating the next generation is above average. We don’t only see the training of young people as a way to avoid future lack of talent, but also as a social responsibility towards society.


Hydraulic geared winches

S-line hydraulic geared Winches

A winch with an easy run, powerful pull and forceful breaks: The Pfanzelt S-Line-Winch caters to the needs of professional and part-time-loggers alike, especially thanks to the sinter-disc clutch and brake, the oil-bathed worm gear and serial radio control functions.

Profi Hydraulic -Geared Winches

What your winch should be able to do depends on where you want to use it. Pfanzelt’s Profi three-point hydraulic geared winches are based on a flexible modular system; that way every winch can be adapted perfectly to your working environment.

Our winches can pull between 4 and 12 to, and our ropes are up to 240 m long. The different wire rope winding and wire rope ejection systems guarantee years of reliability. The oil-bathed spur and worm gear transmission as well as the hydraulic pump with piston pump and anchor valve in oil bath ensure secure power transmission. Sinter-disc clutch and brake ensure precise handling and working.

Receiver-Hitch Winches and Permanently Mounted Winches

Pfanzelt produces receiver-hitch- and permanently mounted winches with single or double drums for nearly all tractor types. The construction of the winch aggregate resembles those of the Profi winches.


Logging trailers

S-line Logging Trailer

The S-line logging trailer 9242 with 8 or 9.2 to permitted total weight on public roads is the ideal logging trailer for private use or firewood- suppliers. The logging trailer has been designed for the semi-professional logger, as it is similar in engineering and functionality.

The construction of the S-line logging trailer consists of a bolted double frame made from specialty U-steel. As far as the configuration is concerned, a plethora of modern and powerful Pfanzelt loading cranes is available. Loaded road trips are possible because of a hydraulic overrun brake or a pressure air-brake installation.


Profi Logging Trailers

Pfanzelt offers the widest variety of logging trailers on the market, so that every customer can chose the perfect logging trailers for his personal needs. Logging trailers from 9 to 15 t carrying capacity form the base. The mounting configurations consist of loading cranes with a range of up to 10 m, with different lifting classes, that can be equipped with forestry log grapples or four finger log grapples in different sizes.

Years of experience make for easy handling, robust configurations and high level of safety in all our constructions.


Logging trailer with Drive System

In addition to the standard logging trailer, Pfanzelt also offers a logging trailer with drive system as part of its Profi series. Especially when working in challenging areal or on unstable underground, the logging trailers can be equipped with a variety of drive systems, such as mechanicals drives as well as friction drives.

Friction Drive

The drive system of a friction drive consists of a special bogie with receptive basket, that is equipped with two hydraulic engines. The hydraulic engines drive two star-shaped friction rollers that are pressed into the tire tread when needed. With the use of this system you can transfer a thrust of 3 tons.


Hydromechanical Drive

Should the friction drive not suffice as drive assistance, Pfanzelt also offers a direct hydromechanical drive on a NAF axle boogie. This drive component consists of a hydraulic engine that is either driven via the tractor hydraulic or an own oil supply. The advantage of this system is a secure and sensitive power transmission onto all four wheels. The thrust can add up to 4 tons.


Crane trailers

Universal trailers with a loading crane and mounted switch tipping bridge are ideal for year-round use in timber yards, builder yards or landscape building companies. It gets more and more important to work with fewer employees and a tighter budget, but to still be able to work with high efficiency. The Pfanzelt crane tipper as a year-round vehicle offers enormous reserves to augment the job performance and optimize the cost-effectiveness.


The extraordinary thing about this vehicle: The loading crane is mounted on a stable and robust base frame, that is already well-proven in the forestry sector. That way, you don’t need an additional, expensive carrier vehicle. An additional advantage of the trailer with loading crane is the possibility to use it with different tractors. The load hauled by the tractor does not diminish because of heavy superstructures. The vehicle has an official approval and homologation for road service and can be used behind any tractor, carrier or truck.


Loading cranes

The loading crane program of Pfanzelt Maschinenbau is one of the most extensive ones on the market. The modern and powerful professional cranes are available in different lifting categories from 4 to 7 m/t and a range of up to 10 m.


Pfanzelt loading cranes are designed for the daily professional use. The large slewing gear made from cast iron allows powerful swinging- also towards the flank. The serial float valve guarantees fast telescopic boom. All crane bolts are bedded as barrel bolts in greasable hard bronze bushings and that way guarantee a long durability of the crane.


The hoses on the main arm have been installed securely, and the hoses on the tipping arm have been installed inside, and that way guarantee smallest breakdown times caused by damaged hoses.

All three-point cranes as well as loading cranes for mounting on chippers can be equipped with either a hydraulic telescoping A-stabilizer or hydraulic telescoping H-stabilizer structure.


System tractor Pm Trac

If you are working in multiple areas such as agriculture, forestry, environmental care or communal work, you need a modern vehicle system that can be used flexibly in a variety of areas. The combination of a continuously variable drive, a support frame for heavy working equipment and a middle cabin with a swiveling driver’s station enables you to master many kinds of working projects.

The middle cabin offers a modern and well-arranged working space. The driver has optimal sight because of the swiveling driver’s station and the high window fronts.


The rear building space is equipped with a change console, which is connected to the support frame and allows fast changes and assembly of the different working equipment. Winches and Slope mowers or logging and loading cranes with ranges up to 10m can easily and fast mounted and removed. As the back of the tractor gets an additional rear building space and as all standard connections are available- the tractor can be used for agricultural works without any limitation. To remove the crane takes less than 20 minutes.

The combination of variable continuously transmission and active hold control provides the operator with maximum ride comfort and optimum safety.


Forestry Specialty Tractor: Felix

Ever since its introduction in 2001, the Pfanzelt Program for specialty tractors in forestry has been improved and expanded continuously. The forestry specialty tractor Felix is now available as a 4 wheel as well as a 6 wheel version, and comes in 3 types.

The continuously variable power-split drive in combination with the active hold control ensures high driving comfort and optimized driving safety. Thanks to the maximum speed of 40 km/h and the road approval, you can reach different working sites without using a separate transporter. Strong engines deliver sufficient power for working in the woods.

Extreme maneuverability is guaranteed for the 4 wheel version because of the combination of articulated- and Kingpin steering. The variable machine also offers the possibility of adapting the weight distribution perfectly due to the flexible wheelbase- that way we can guarantee a high level of soil conservation.

The pneumatically spring mounted cabin has a driver station that can be swiveled at 340 degrees and high window fronts that give a great overview of the entire working area.

For the mounting area we can offer several types of winches as well as logging and loading trailers with a range of up to 10 m.


Vehicle Winches

Pfanzelt Maschinenbau offers state of the art solutions for lifting and pulling weights of up to 45 t.

The variety of our product palette consists of standard winches, e.g. rescue winches for the fire department or the THW, up to custom made system solutions.


The Pfanzelt modular series for vehicle winch systems offer winches with lifting and pulling forces of 30 to 150 kN. You can choose between various types of winch drive systems for the different type of work areas, all of which hardly need maintenance and are wear-free.



o meet the different needs of steering comfort, safety requirements and various types of vehicles, you can combine adaptable steering and safety systems as well as rope-reeling- and rope-tensioning systems with the winches.

In addition you can equip the system with rope-ejection-systems, electronic traction monitoring or radio control systems.

Customized Machines

The ideas, wishes and thoughts of our clients inspire us to continuously improve and develop our product palette. As soon as our clients wishes go beyond what our serial machines have to offer, we start to design a custom made machine- a machine that is specifically designed and constructed for special areas of use or defined work processes.

Example: Tilting crane system

The idea behind the tilting cranes system was a clients special wish: he wanted to be able to do both logging and loading jobs with his crane. The Pfanzelt tilting crane can be folded by simply pushing a button- that way the client gets a full crane for logging as well as for loading work processes. The weight distribution on the axles is improved, so that you can save on access ballast and reduce the total weight.

Example: Energy wood harvesting

Also the concept of the Chip Trailer was designed by collaborating closely with a client. The client wanted a machine concept with which he was able to immediately chip the harvested energy wood on site while driving through the forest, looking for young wood.

The solution: A high-discharge-skip-container, mounted on a logging trailer which can be connected to the Pm Trac. A power take-off chipper is mounted to the front of the Pm Trac, and the chips are blown above the tractor directly into the high-discharge-skip-container. That way, the container can be loaded directly on site- the user saves an entire work step, because he does not have to log the energy wood first.