S-line forwarding trailers

The Pfanzelt S-line forwarding trailers are especially designed for use by private forest owners and semi-professional contractors. The reliability of the technology has the same priority as for professional. However, the job description is different. The S-line forwarding trailers are set apart by their compact dimensions, which in combination with a smaller tractor, enable high manoeuvrability, but at the same time provide ample space to offer a high-capacity trailer. An important aspect when buying a forwarding trailer<br/> nowadays is the safety equipment. Pfanzelt forwarding trailers offer all safety features required by KWF, FPA and the BG. 

S6 forwarding trailer
The S6 model is the new entry level model in the Pfanzelt forwarding trailer range. A compact forwarding trailer with remarkable performance.

S9 forwarding trailer
Launched in 2009, the S9 S-line forwarding trailer (old designation 9242), it is now the best seller of the S-line series. Optionally, the compact forwarding trailer is equipped with a hydraulic overrun brake.

S11 forwarding trailer
Equipped with a larger headache rack area and a 45 cm longer flat bed, the S11 model offers the tried and tested technology of the S-line forwarding trailer with a greater loading capacity.


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More details on S-line forwarding trailer

U-section double frame (S9, S11)

The frame of the S-line forwarding trailer is made of two special steel U-bearers that are bolted together to create a double frame. This system is also
widely used in truck manufacture. The torsional forces that are generated when working with loading cranes and driving on rough terrain must be absorbed by the frame. So that the frame can cope with these forces it is made of U-profiles and completely screwed together with special flange bolts. The possibility of fatigue cracks as known from welded structures is therefore virtually excluded.

As soon as the last two stanchions have been turned, the forwarding trailer can also be loaded with cordwood bundles or loose cordwood at right angles
to the direction of travel.

Bogie axle

The bogie axle of Pfanzelt forwarding trailers offers stability during crane operation and the best possible drive characteristics, especially in forwarding trails. The even distribution of ground pressure is another big advantage. The bogie axle (S9, S11 only) is mounted on lubricatable and adjustable spherical articulated bearings. This guarantees true running for many years.

Brake system and approval for use on public highways

S-line forwarding trailers are equipped as standard with a brake system. The compact diaphragm brake cylinders are completely encapsulated with a protective hood. This means that the brake system is protected from damage by sticks or grippers.

series: Hydrl. 2-wheel brake
Option: 2-wheel overrun brake

series: Hydrl. 2-wheel brake
Option: Hydrl. 4-wheel bake,
4-wheel overrun brake,
4-wheel air brake

series: 4-wheel air brake

The Pfanzelt hydraulic overrun brake (S9) transmits the braking force from the start-up device direct to the brakes without mediation by rods or Bowden cables that are vulnerable to faults. For increased safety when reversing and off road, the overrun brake is combined with an additional hydraulic brake that can be manually actuated via a tractor control unit.

Steerable draw bar

S-line forwarding trailers are equipped as standard with a pivoting draw bar with a large steering angle. Two strong hydraulic cylinders ensure reliable operation even when the loaded rear trailer is pivoted against the slope. The steerable draw bar can be mechanically locked when driving on roads.

On models S9 and S11, the draw bar can be optionally supplied for bottom or top mounting.

LED lighting with turn signal monitoring

The lighting system using LED lights is integrated in the frame. To protect the lights from damage when working in the forest, these can be folded in.

Driving on public highways up to 40 km/h (S9, S11)

Travel on public highways is no problem for Pfanzelt machines, even when loaded. With the TÜV certificate, the forwarding trailer can be licensed for top speeds of 25 or 40 km/h on public roads. For the 40 km/h approval, the forwarding trailer must be equipped with a hydraulic overrun brake or an air brake.

Transport systems

Cut material box

The hot-dip galvanised section vessel is designed for transporting branch and cut material.

Floor pan

The floor pan is suitable for the combined transport of logs and branch material.

Round bale loading trailer

The round bale loading trailer allows convenient loading and transport of round bales. Special gripper arm enables easy handling of round bales.


Drive systems

uniDRIVE (option with S9, S11)

The new uniDRIVE hydraulic wheel drive sets new standards in terms of price/performance ratio and is available for Pfanzelt S-line (except for S6 model) and Pro forwarding trailers (P11 and P13).


powerDRIVE (option with S9, S11)

The new, hydraulic powerDRIVE wheel drive made by Pfanzelt opens up a new wheel hub drive dimension.

  • 6.1 metric tons of maximum thrust
  • Proportional drive to move forwards and backwards
  • All brake systems possible in combination with wheel hub drive
  • Automatic drive deactivation upon braking
  • Freewheeling for non-wearing on-road driving
TypeThrustMaximum speed
2WD-I2,4 t8,8 km/h
4WD-I4,8 t4,4 km/h

Data depends on hydraulic oil quantity and pressure.


Stowage space

Specially designed holders for chainsaws and fuel canisters as well as, in some models, two additional storage bins with lids provide lots of storage capacity for forestry work.

Technical specs for S6

Double frame (S6)
The frame of the S6 forwarding trailer is in the form of a bolted double tube frame. This means that the loading space can be flexibly used for different trunk lengths. Cordwood can be loaded without special adaptation.

Crane geometry
The toggle lever system of forestry crane – also known as the power link system – between the main boom and folding boom ensures optimum crane geometry for loading work. Ergonomic loading directly onto the headache rack is also thus made possible. Protected against damage during loading and unloading
of the forwarding trailer, both hydraulic cylinders are mounted above the main boom. The telescopic cylinder is internally mounted.

Ergonomic operation
The control station located on the draw bar creates a clearly organised workstation outside the danger zone with optimum visibility. The crane is operated via two control toggles each with an electric switch, enabling easy and comfortable operation of the crane.

Shielded hoses
The hydraulic hoses are routed from the control block to the crane tip so that they are protected, ensuring short downtimes and the highest degree of safety. Pfanzelt therefore attaches the highest priority to ensuring that the hydraulic hoses are protected over the entire crane by being concealed.

Protected against damage during loading work, the cylinders of the A-pillar support are internally mounted. The telescopic design of the outriggers creates stable support even in dense stands of timber and on slopes. They also make it possible to drive up close to the log stack and thus use the full lifting force of the crane.

Plus package

The forwarding trailer Plus package offers added convenience and safety at an appealing promotional price.

  •     Large parking support plates (plug-in)
  •     LED crane headlights (integrated into crane to offer protection)

Normal price: € 1,100
Promotional price: only € 490

Technical specs

S-line forwarding trailersS6S9S11
Frame constructionBolted double frameDouble U-profile frame made of special steel
Bogie axle

Front cage area1.40 m²1.92 m²2.25 m²
Long flat bed3,500 mm4,000 mm4,450 mm
Hydraulic pivoting draw bar with 2 cylinders

Stanchion pairs3 + 144
Load capacity on non-public roads6 t9.2 t11 t
Permitted total weight on public highways6 tup to 9.2 t11 t
Dead weight with craneapprox. 1.7 tapprox. 2.97 tapprox. 3.58 t
Lightingas per StVZO (German road traffic licensing reg.s), integrated in frame, retractable
Control panel on the draw bar

Brake system2-wheel hydraulic2-wheel hydraulic4-wheel pneumatic brake system
Brake surface300 x 60 mm, 6-hole wheel300 x 90 mm, 8-hole wheel300 x 90 mm, 8-hole wheel
Tyres11.5/80 15.3, grooved tread380/55-17" 14, PR grooved tread480/45-17" 12, PR grooved tread
Wheel with valve protection

Loading craneLK 2764LK 4267LK 4272
Range6,200 mm6,370 mm7,200 mm
Crane length

Lift moment, net27 kNm40.5 kNm40.5 kNm
Pivoting moment10.4 kNm15.2 kNm15.2 kNm
Crane control8-way mechanical, 2 control toggles, 2 electrical functions (rocker) for gripper and telescope
Clamshell gripper (Pm 170) (Pm 230)

 (Pm 230)



Independent hydraulic oil supply, incl. Cardan shaft


380/55-17" grooved tread, with valve protection


480/45-17" grooved tread, with valve protectionoptional

520/50-17" grooved tread, with valve protection



Hydraulic 4-wheel brakeoptional
Overrun brakeoptional (2-wheel)
Hydraulic overrun brakeoptional (4-wheel)
4-wheel air brakeoptional

Hydraulic wheel hub driveoptional




Loading crane LK 4272 (7,200 mm, 40.5 kNm)optional

Loading crane LK 4280 (7,850 mm, 41 kNm)optional
4-finger gripper (cross section 0.23 m²)optional


Gripper attachment for round balesoptional


Crane operation via EHC control block
with Autec cable or wireless remote control unit


Crane cable winch with wireless control, 1.5 t tractive forceoptionaloptional


Pendulum with internal concealed hosesoptional


Crane operating hours counteroptionaloptional


Long frame version (length 4,450 mm)optional

Cut material pan or floor panoptionaloptional


Round bale loading traileroptional


TÜV-licensed up to 40 km/h (applicable for Germany)optional


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