Product range

Pfanzelt geared cable winches

The Pfanzelt product range includes a very wide selection of cable winches. The product range extends from standard cable winches to custom-made system solutions.


S-line geared cable winches
Both the tree farmer and semiprofessional contractor need a professional geared cable winch. The S-line model fulfils this requirement at the price level of a chain cable winch.


Professional geared cable winches
Mature tree harvesting on flat ground or thinning on steep slopes – the demands on a professional geared cable winch vary according to the area of application and the available equipment. Pfanzelt professional geared cable winches are based on an adaptable modular system and can therefore be easily adapted to the specific deployment conditions. The preassembled Profi Eco special offer models are available at an especially attractive price.


logLINE geared cable winches
Single- and double drum winches for profesionalls with a tractive force between 8 and 12 t and a cable capacity up to 200 m. The stabilizers offer more steadiness in rough  areas.


Quick-fit and fixed cable winches
Pfanzelt quick-fit and fixed cable winches are the perfect implements for commercial timber forwarding. One reason is that the cable winch is mounted on a special frame that protects the tractor against excessive loading when winching.

Forwarding trailers

Pfanzelt product range offers customised solutions designed to fulfil every task in relation to meeting the growing need for wood as a raw material, whether as lumber or biomass. The challenge whether loading or transport big or small loads, it always to be able to work efficiently and ergonomically. Pfanzelt forwarding trailers are divided
into three product groups in accordance with the requirements: S-line, Profi and logLINE.


S-line forwarding trailers
The Pfanzelt S-line forwarding trailer is especially designed for use by private forest owners. With its low profile design, hydraulic overrun brake and licensing for speeds up to 40 km/h on public roads, the S-line forwarding trailer is a universal machine with the same underlying engineering as the professional forwarding trailer.


Profi forwarding trailer
With its Profi forwarding trailer series, Pfanzelt offers the most extensive forwarding trailer range on the market. With its special modular design, the user can put together the forwarding trailer according to his own requirements and choose between various weight classes, brake systems, loading cranes and an extensive range of accessories.


logLINE forwarding trailers
The logLINE forwarding trailer series rounds off the Pfanzelt forwarding trailer range with two top of the range models. These models are characterised by uncompromising, powerful professional technology.


The Pfanzelt crane range is one of the most extensive on the market. The modern and powerful professional cranes are available in various lifting classes from 4 to 9 m/t and reaches up to 10 m. In addition to the technical specifications, the cranes also differ in their construction.

Forestry cranes
Pfanzelt loading cranes are designed for professional service. The specifications of the cranes vary according to whether they are intended for use on a Pfanzelt forwarding trailer or an a carrier vehicle (tractor, harvesting machine etc.). These can also be mounted on the 3-point hitch of a standard tractor.


Logging grab and crane
Pfanzelt manufactures cranes that are especially designed to be mounted on specialised forestry machines and tractors used in forestry applications. The two production series differ in relation to logging grabs and logging cranes. The first series have a lower crane column and are therefore especially designed for hauling long timber.
In contrast to logging grabs, logging cranes have a high crane column and are optimised both for hauling long timber and for loading short timber onto a forwarding trailer.

Pm Trac III multipurpose tractor

With the unveiling of its Pm Trac at the Agritechnica trade fair in Hannover in November 2005, Pfanzelt set new standards in the design of multipurpose tractors. Eight years later, with the presentation of the Pm Trac 2380, the first 3rd generation model, a completely new vehicle was unveiled. The Pfanzelt Pm Trac III tractor system, thanks to its unique vehicle design is optimised for combined service in agriculture and forestry as well as in landscape management. With the new generation, a completely new vehicle
chassis has now been developed with key components, however, that are based on tried and tested series production parts. The core of the Pm Trac machine are the central attachment bay over the centre of the rear axle and the rapid and flexible adaptation to various working conditions.


Technical details that impress:

  • Split transmission, infinitely adjustable S-matic gearbox (50 km/h)
  • Strong with 175 HP engine power
  • Safe working in the forestry, thanks to active parking control of vehicle Parking stability due to sliding tube front axle with automatic hydraulic axle locking during crane operation
  • Pneumatically suspended XXL high comfort cab with all round vision and operating stand that can be turned through 350°
  • Support frame with 4 adjustable mounting and attachment bays for the heaviest working implements
  • Pfanzelt mounting system: toolfree quick-change mounting frame for crane and cable winch

Pfanzelt Felix special forestry hauler

The Pfanzelt Felix specialised forestry tractor can be put together according to specific needs thanks to its modular design and optimally adapted to individual applications. The front section is the same in all versions. The drive unit consisting of a Deutz engine and a ZF gearbox are located under the cab in the machinery compartment. The engine leaves nothing to be desired in terms of durability, torque and quiet running due to state-of-the-art common rail technology. The engine is connected to an infinitely adjustable, split transmission S-matic gearbox from ZF with active parking control. The resulting unit is ideal for both operating situations – road travel and timber forwarding – and is therefore extremely flexible.

The allocation of functions between the various of the Felix specialised forestry tractor is unique but completely rational. Thus the cab is located very far forward, the cable winch and crane in the middle of the vehicle and the clam bunk or stanchion cage directly over the rear axle, which is optimum in terms of centre of gravity.


Felix 4-wheel special forestry hauler
The Pfanzelt Felix 206 4-WD special forestry hauler is a world beater when it comes to manoeuvrability. By a skilful combination of joint and stub axle steering, previously unimaginable manoeuvring options are made possible.


Felix 6-wheel special forestry hauler
As a combination machine, the Pfanzelt Felix 211 6-WD special forestry hauler can be ideally adapted to all field conditions.

Moritz Fr50 felling mini-tractor

Pfanzelt is presenting a new tracked felling and forwarding mini-tractor for professionals at the KWF Exhibition 2016. The new machine is designed to flexibly perform a wide range of duties under a variety of working conditions. Anywhere where a cable winch is required to ensure safe working, e.g. for safety fellings, the new tracked felling tractor is the perfect machine for safer forestry operations. Another application of the newly developed tracked felling tractor is preparatory work. The caterpillar tractor comes into its own on the most demanding terrain, on slopes and in standing timber on fragile soil structures. For optimum stability during winching and forwarding, the chassis can be hydraulically widened when it reaches
the work location.

Light and easy to transport
The machine‘s compact dimensions and relatively low weight protect the forest floor and facilitate uncomplicated transport with a semi trailer or on a flat bed truck.

Special purpose machinery manufacture

Wood fuel felling gripper

The Pfanzelt 4023 wood fuel felling gripper is designed so that it is optimally suited for harvesting trunks up to 40 cm girth and for loading the harvested
wood fuel.
The Pfanzelt felling gripper is mounted on loading or forwarding cranes with a net lifting force of approx. 5 m/t and with a reach over 8m. The hydraulics is supplied via a separate hose package running externally past the crane. The felling gripper is normally mounted via pendulum and rotator. For initial thinning, the felling gripper can also
be mounted via a mounting plate with cylinder guide for optimum fixing and to avoid damage to standing timber. This prevents the machine swinging.


Logging grabs

The hydraulic logging grab is supplied with attachment block for front loaders and 3-point hitch. The maximises flexibility when forwarding or loading logs. Forwarding and loading work can be performed significantly faster with the logging grab. Furthermore, no effort is required by the operator and he does not have to get out of the cab. The
curved tooth rail between the lower arms can securely raise and carry fixed lengths. The gripper is open/closed and the rotator turned by an electrical switch.


Forestry protection devices

The Pfanzelt forestry protection system offers sophisticated forestry protection equipment for nearly all tractor models from various manufacturers. The emphasis is always on the safety of the driver and protection of the driver’s cab also as of the machinery and the underlying ground. The range includes underrun protection, gearbox, engine, axle and tank cladding and branch protection for the cab. Quick-fit mudguards, lighting and mirrors are also available.


High wheel tractors

The efficient cultivation of delicate crops such as asparagus requires a highly manoeuvrable tractor with high ground clearance so that it can safely drive over the crop rows. For this special application the Fendt Vario 211 has been modified to create a high wheel tractor. So that implements can be operated outside the wheel steering angle and to enable ergonomic operation with front-mounted implements, the front power lifter has been extended.

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