3-point hitch geared cable winches

The Pfanzelt product range includes a very wide selection of cable winches. The product range extends from standard cable winches to custom-made system solutions.

S-line geared cable winches

Both the tree farmer and semi-professional contractor need a professional geared cable winch.
The S-line model fulfils this requirement at the price level of a chain cable winch.

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Professional geared cable winches

Mature tree harvesting on level ground or thinning on steep slopes – the demands on a professional geared cable winch vary according to the area of application. Pfanzelt professional geared cable winches are based on an adaptable modular system  and can therefore be easily adapted to the specific deployment conditions.

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logLINE geared cable winches

The logLINE series of geared cable winches offers single and double drum cable winches for log forwarding specialists with tractive powers between 8 and 12 t, various cable drum widths for cable lengths of up to 200 m and additional support for optimum stability in uneven terrain.

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Winch units and vehicle-mounted cable winches

The Pfanzelt modular series for vehicle winch systems offer cable winches with lifting and tractive forces of between 30 and 450 kN. Various winch drives, which are all largely maintenance- and wear-free, are available for different applications.

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Hydrl. recovery winch MySelf
Both in agriculture/forestry and in environmental management, a cable winch is often required to recover vehicles or items of equipment. The MYSELF front-mounted recovery winch has been especially designed for this application. The simply mounted, hydraulically actuated cable winch for the quick-coupling 3-point link. This means the attachment can be mounted and removed in a matter of minutes for recovery jobs.

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